Ejok FM managing director Annitah Raey, has revealed the main reason why she left social media. Through an Instagram post, she said, “I left social media for a while and honestly I’m disappointed again.  I am tired of these stupid shenanigans. Too much BS. Too much lies. Too much bile and too much pain. Theses streets ain’t what they were and my life ain’t what it used to be. See you on my birthday.

In November last year, the outspoken radio presenter opened up about her encounter with one of the bosses who orchestrated her exit from Hot 96. While announcing her new job at Ejok FM, the mother of one said she was in a meeting when the said boss walked in and pretended to be concerned about her whereabouts. “It’s been a year since I left mainstream media and weird enough I was having a meeting with one of the biggest media personalities in Kenya then boom one of the two people who made me resign walked in.

I thought I would have some anger but I felt nothing, I mean nothing. I was angry and hurt when I resigned. Someone had taken away my happiness in radio and I was very angry. 8 months off work changed everything. The anger left, the hurt left and all I had was gratitude for what was to come.” Annita posted.

She went ahead to clarify that she has since forgiven the people behind her resignation, “I actually forgave the two people who made me resign. I don’t hate them. I have no feelings towards them and I honestly wish them all the best. Everyone you meet is a lesson, learn from them,” she added. 

On her new radio job in a local radio station based in Lodwar, Turkana County, the radio presenter expressed gratitude for the opportunity saying that she feels grateful and blessed. “Now I’m in Turkana. I’m so happy, peaceful, grateful and blessed. I talk of God’s grace everyday. God is no man and when he says yes. It is yes. He seeks nobody’s approval to bless you. He does not follow protocol, he blesses you when he wants to bless you and hevhas blessed me,” Annitah added. 

On why she decided to move and work in Turkana, she said, “I wanted change. I begged God for change and when I visited Turkana I felt like God had given me a second chance. I fell in love with that land I’m home there,” she noted.  

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