Digital Distribution

Distribute to one of the largest networks in the industry. Over 200 dsps; including iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, Instagram & more in real quick time (within 1 to 6hrs) working days and get your revenue collected back.

YouTube Management

We affiliate with content creators to offer digital rights management, sales, programming, monetization & promotions to their channels.

We also offer YouTube Channel Management to expand your reach even further.


Leverage streaming analytics from Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and more, artist statements, and detailed revenue breakdowns.
We provide Monthly reports on music performance & Weekly report on streams at request via our online portal and an up-to-date reporting on royalty payments.

Music Marketing & Playlist Pitching

Our team of experts works with you to ensure your product is being recognized on digital platforms and beyond.

We provide small scale & large scale marketing solutions to your release according to your budget.

All our clients get some levels of promo such as playlisting that no other distributor does.


Our SplitShare feature allows you to invite an unlimited amount of collaborators for free and provide them with analytics and automatic payments.

Featuring Artists, Producers, Directors, Graphic Designers and whomever else you’d like.

Rights Management

We administer claiming policies that protects your content and icreases revenue and engagement; You can Choose to either Block ,Monetize or Track your release (Asset) in real time.

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Upload Your Music

Use Our Release Builder To Create Unlimited Single, Ep or Album Releases.

We Release It Worldwide

When You Upload your release, we'll review and send it to all chosen streaming stores.

Promote Your Release

Take your music career to the next level. Our promo campaigns are designed to help grow your fanbase worldwide.

Get Paid Fast

Once Your release date arrives and your music is out there, you'll make money everytime it's streamed or downloaded.

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