Khaligraph Jones baby mama Cashy says the rapper wants custody of their son Xolani. In a lengthy Instagram post, the mother of one said, “A person who once said he does not know who I am and does not not recognize any baby from me now says he wants custody of this sweet child that he had no prior concern for, and had me wilding out here a couple of times. 

In recent documents, he used many sad lies and is currently doing a press tour to maintain public image which is all good, we did pray for overflow by now I’m sure more people understand how showbiz works.”

Adding, “I see this as the power of prayer God changes things, in unexpected ways and storms come to make way for better days. To clear any mess. I hear it will be a longer  struggle. Grace will continue to be sufficient. At the end Xolani will get his real rights, that’s what matters.

In October last year, Cashy blasted Khaligraph Jones for not paying child support. In a statement on her InstaStory, she said that her baby daddy has not been supporting his child due to lack of shows caused by the infamous curfew. “I’m actually happy the curfew has been lifted because artistes can go back to earning from night gigs. In fact help me pray for an overflow of events so that your favourite rapper will have zero reason to claim he can’t afford ‘child’ maintenance. It’s been so hard,” Cashy claimed. 

In a separate post, Cashy thanked her fans for sending her kind messages following the death of her father. “You guys have sent me so many encouraging and funny messages in the last hour, I didn’t expect it. Yes, this period has been hard especially after losing my dad. I try to keep my spirit and sense of humour and I’m forever grateful for your support,” she wrote. 

In 2019, Cashy ended her five year relationship with Khaligraph because of physical abuse. “I would like to touch on a few topics, on this post and the next few coming up. Sensitive topics that a lot of you have sent me questions about over the past year. There have been rumours, guesses, random stories here and there, most of which are terribly untrue, and some just plain hilarious,” she wrote.

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