Tips for Musicians on Instagram

If you want to be successful these days, you can hardly avoid social media. Instagram, in particular, is growing and growing is, therefore, a great opportunity for online marketing.

Why? You can stay in contact with your followers directly, you don’t need expensive equipment and you can present yourself as “real” person.At Instagram you have many different ways to produce content. We have 6 tips on how to get more followers as an artist.

Be active and be Yourself

The most important thing when you post on your channel – be yourself! Be authentic and a tangible person for your fans. Social media is meant to be “social”. This means that the interaction on your account is not just a one-way street and you solely entertain your fans. Be in contact with your fans, comment underneath your posts, comment and like the posts of your fans. This gives them the feeling that they are important to you and that you are interested in them.

Post Regularly

Post at regular intervals. If you post only very rarely, your posts will be displayed to fewer people because the algorithm neglects you. If you post too often, your followers can be annoyed and then unfollow you.

“Link is in the bio??“

Certainly, you have already read this quite often under pictures “link is in the bio”. That so many accounts use this expression, is not without reason. You can insert a link under a picture, but unfortunately you cannot click on it and therefore it is unusable. But you have the possibility to add a link to your bio/profile to send your fans to your website, spotify profile, iTunes, etc.. There are providers, such as linktree, that allow you to bundle several links into one.


Always use hashtags in your posts so that new users can find you. Use the Instagram search function to search for popular hashtags. In order for you to get new followers with the help of the hashtags, they should fit you and your post and be up-to-date.

Insta Stories

With Insta Stories you can easily keep your fans up to date about new things, “take them with you” everywhere, whether to a concert, to the recording studio, or just at home. You can also use the Vote and Question feature to keep in touch with your fans.


With giveaways, you not only make your fans happy, but you can also increase the engagement rate. This way you can positively influence the algorithm and your posts will be displayed to more users.

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