Career Guide for Hobby Musicians and Upcoming Artists

Everybody starts small… also musicians. If you want to evolve from a hobby musician to a professional, we have some tips for you, which you should consider at the start of your music career.


As in every branch, networking and making new contacts is one of the most important things. That applies not only to contact to music colleagues, event organizers, record labels, etc., but especially to contact to fans. Festivals and events in the music scene can also be used for networking.

Record Label – Do I Still Need That?

Record labels have their justification and some advantages. A record label has a huge network of contacts and often times way more budget than you, you always have a contact person who can relieve you of a lot of work and financial risk. But the medal always has two sides: In order for the record label to support you, you have to prove success. it’s quite difficult to get a record deal if you can’t already prove success.

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Stay True to Yourself

Always be yourself and don’t pretend. Nothing is worse than inauthentic content. Even if you may not be well received by everyone, be steadfast. There have been many artists who have been smiled at and rejected by record companies. Don’t settle for a no, instead work on yourself and your music. Be yourself and leave a lasting impression. There are already enough average people. Do your thing, then success will only be a matter of time.

Define Your Milestones

Make a precise plan of what you want to achieve in your career: Your own concerts, festivals, TV appearances, radio airplay, record studio etc. Write down your goals and align your next steps with them.

Be Present!

Show yourself to the world! Go for personal contact and if it is “only” on Social Media. With Facebook and Instagram you have every opportunity to get to know your fans better (and vice versa) and respectively to gain new ones.

*Here are some tips for Instagram and Facebook Messenger Marketing. Don’t forget YouTube, of course.

Take a Risk

Be brave and take risks. Your new song is finished, but you’re not quite satisfied yet? You could probably work on it for another 3 months and you’ll still have something to complain about. Sometimes you just have to draw a line and show yourself to the world. Upload your songs and let your fans decide how to find you and your music. You are not sure if you should have a CD pressed? Is it still worth it? (Spoiler: Yes, of course!) Who doesn’t dare, doesn’t win…

Be Steadfast!

Most successful personalities have an eventful past and had to suffer many setbacks. But their steadfastness has paid off. Life is beautiful, there was never any talk of it being simple… Fight for your dreams and hold on to them. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!

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