What you need to distribute your music worldwide ?

It’s difficult for emerging artists or music producers to gain recognition if they don’t know how to promote, distribute and manage their music.

This is where Gotchscape comes into play!

Music distribution makes recorded music available to the public. Through a system of contracts and payments, distributors grant record stores, online download platforms, and streaming services the rights to publish and stream an artist’s music.

Register online, upload your music and your songs will go live in online music stores worldwide.
A professional team of customer services will guide you through the release process and give you marketing advice.

To get your music heard worldwide on the top streaming networks, you must have a few standard pieces of information in order to fill out the Distribution Form

Distribution Requirements:
Release Type : Single (1 track), EP (2-5 tracks), or album (5+ tracks).

Release Date : The date in which you want your music to go live.

Artist Name(s) : Primary artist & featured artist name

Track Name(s) : The title of your Music / musical monument

Album Graphic : Atleast3000 x 3000 pixels & .jpg or .png file ONLY.

Audio file(s) : .mp3 or WAV files.

Video (For Vevo Distribution) : HD / Studio Quality Video.

Genre & sub-genre : Aligning these categories to what your music qualifies as will allow for more accurate marketing and playlist placements.

Release Country : Country in which you are distributing from – we distribute to all countries by default.

Note:You should always use your account when distributing.

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