Actress and model Stephanie Muchiri popularly known for her role Lydia on Paa TV series spoke to Buzz Central about her acting career, challenges in life and her relationship.

Stephanie says though she is a model, she doesn’t do music videos, “I do not do music videos, most of the time they expect you to show some nudity or do somethings that go against my values so I’d rather not. But if an artiste approaches me with the concept that I am comfortable with and proper payment I will be willing to get into that space.”

The 22 year old also talked about being bullied in high school, “Coming from a public primary school to a private high school where we were eating with forks, knives and  glass plates and politicians and CEO kids were going to, was hard. That transition was hard because I really needed to figure myself out, high school was a determining stage in my life because I had to do a lot of self evaluation. Playing Lydia I had to dig into traumas I had in high school. The bullying was intense.”

She revealed she is seeing someone, “I am not dating officially but I’m seeing someone.” On landing the role of Lydia on Paa TV series, she said, “My life has been full of cute mistakes, after shooting Crime and Justice Season 2 with Enos Olik who was the director. We wrapped and went to his studio for a small warp party, we were having a casual conversation and the assistant producer suggested to him to cast me for an upcoming series.

But he told me the brief he was given, the show was for kids, though he encouraged me to send the head shots to the casting director but I didn’t. In January Enos called and asked if had sent the photos but I told him I didn’t because the show was for kids. He told me to just send, they liked me and we did a zoom audition which was soo intense and two days later I was given the role of Lydia but I auditioned for the role of Talia.”

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