Noti Flow 
couldn’t wait to reveal the big surprise gift to her girlfriend King Alami. She surprised her with a new Volkswagen (VW) to get the early birthday celebration moving along. Noti shared the special moment on Instagram.“I surprised my gal with a brand new Volkswagen up. Her birthday is on 25th but I couldn’t wait  @kingalami__01 I love you so f%$king much baby. Sh1.5 million is nothing compared to the love I have for you. I’d give you all my wealth if I didn’t have responsibilities.”

A week before the surprise, Noti professed her love to her on and off girlfriend saying, “All my life I searched left, right and center for that one true love. I’ve dated boyz with the hopes of loving and staying with them forever only to end in vain. I’ve been used, heartbroken and abused in my previous relationships. I was broken, wounded and hopeless. I didn’t believe love existed anymore. But then I met this girl, she changed everything! She showed me the true meaning of true love, loyalty, friendship, perseverance and supporting one another in every situation.

I didn’t believe in soul mates till I met her. I kissed so many frogs only to realize she’s the prince @kingalami__01 my king, my best friend, when you’re with me I’m ok, I’m strong, I can handle anything and everything. But when I’m not with you and especially when I can’t reach you on the phone.  I feel uneasy. I feel this deep sickening feeling in the stomach. I worry about you more than a mother worries about their toddlers. I feel like I have to take care of you, keep you safe in my sight because I can’t imagine losing you.”

In a lengthy post on her social media, King Alami also shared a similar post explaining how her life is a fairytale, “Sometimes I wonder how I got to have you! It’s so unbelievable as to how mine it’s like a fairytale. Do y’all believe in fairytales? Well I do, the one which has a princess, another princess, some hardships and some magic. They said “life isn’t like those fairytales, there is no wonderland, no love and magic! But when I fell in love with you, it changed everything, my life, my soul, my life became a living fairytale with you @notiflow.

Let me tell y’all something; You can’t wait for the right person, nobody is perfect but you can get a person and together, with a little bit of love and magic she can be the most perfect and right person you’ve been searching for! I love you so fu$%ing much baby gurl, you’re my world and my happiness without you I’d be nowhere. Thank you for choosing me.

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