TV personality Lulu Hassan has opened up about working with her husband Rashid Abdalla on Citizen TV. Speaking in an interview with Hot 96, she said if employers would encourage couples to work together, Kenya will be far. “It’s interesting, if everyone was permitted to do it, Kenya would be far, it works. There is no day you will have a conflict. At times we may fight but we make sure we resolve the issues before Saturday because we will be in the studio. 

Rashid is different, if we have an argument he cannot stay even for two hours, he will make sure we have resolved it. Our marriage is not perfect but marry your best friend first. But this story of being a wife as we are doing it, it is tiring and you end up becoming a slave. But when you are friends you agree and years keep on moving.

She also said she wishes her mother would be alive to see her on TV, “My first broadcast was hard because this is something my mum wanted and I also wanted it and it was a breakthrough. I remember my first broadcast was with Ali Manzu when we were winding up, I switched off because I was thinking about my mum. 

I was wishing my mum was here to see me because she was not around. When I was working on radio she passed on. But at home it was crazy, everyone was asking my sister if it was true that they saw me on TV. Because I had not told anyone so they were coming home to confirm if I was in the house or on TV.”

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