KOT reacts to NTV’s crowds for hire expose


Kenyans have had their say after an investigative story on NTV opened the lid on how politicians hire crowds to come and cheer or even cause violence at political rallies. The expose, themed crowds for hire, suggests the tendency to fire crowds started way back during the tendency of former President Daniel arap Moi, now deceased. In the investigative story, a number of Kenyans confessed to receiving money to mobilise the youth to attend political rallies. “These ward youth leaders are the ones to mobilise the youths in that area. You are told by the politician we want 30 or 50 youths from each ward. Because I am a youth leader, sometimes I am given Sh200,000 or more depending on the work they want the youths to do, and I only look for 100 youths to do the work,” he adds. The lack of money thereof to give the crowds makes the politician be hated being called a stingy person. Hostility can ensure anywhere the said stingy politician goes. https://twitter.com/Ombeva_Joseh/status/1505624575253569540?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/nevz_isaboke/status/1505613019610501127?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/chepscola/status/1505617299751018507?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/kevFult/status/1505622024756023298?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/EngrOchi/status/1505767033820045312?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/mcmartoke/status/1505764887766749185?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/gabrieloguda/status/1505620157737152523?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/EugineSteph/status/1505773687764574208?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/Swale_Amir/status/1505796417159315456?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/japheth_bor/status/1505759054861418498?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ https://twitter.com/KiongoziGk/status/1505790274513035264?s=20&t=uMvKkJwhluO5dvAr_LatrQ

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