Celebrity couple Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi have opened up about losing their first child. Speaking during the thanksgiving event of their second baby, the couple shared their pregnancy journey.

Tokodi talked about how tough the journey has been, “Its been a tough journey but we are here now, this is our second try, we lost our first try in June last year. It was hard but we are here again and we thank God for the eight months and we are hoping for many more years.

Grace gave a detailed account on how a pastor prophesied they are going to have a baby boy, “We have had a journey that has been quite long but fulfilling, us saying it’s our baby’s thanksgiving is because where we are our hearts are full. We have prayed, cried and had our moments and we have reached here. We didn’t want to have a usual baby shower because we wanted to have my family and people who walked with us through this journey.

When we found out I was pregnant again I was so scared, every time I had a muscle pull I would cry so much, every time I couldn’t wake up because the baby was sitting on a nerve, I felt like I’m losing again. I remember when I was pregnant with the second baby I hosted a pastor on the show and he came and prophesied. He looked at me and he said, ‘I see a boy’ and I said, stop it, don’t tell people on air. I panicked because I didn’t want people to know, I wanted to hide it until I couldn’t any more. 

I was scared what if they find out and we lose it again. But I thank God he said that because every time I have had fears I always go to God, ‘You told me this one will stay’ I haven’t finished this journey, I am doing this by faith. There are days I knew it is going again. I knew the doctor would tell me ’the uterus is back to normal’ meaning the baby had come out.”

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