Content creator Elodie Zone is mourning the loss of her brother. Elodie took to social media to share the news of her brother Gachui Karanja who passed away on March 19.

Forever in my heart, forever in my prayers. You and I were never supposed to cross paths but the universe gave me a baby brother in you. You pushed me to work harder, helped me move into my first apartment, were a shoulder to cry on and kept me protected from a lot of harsh things people would say about me online. I love you forever baby bro.”

The news comes a month after the vlogger relocated to the coast, “Bullied in high school. Depression for 10 years. Attacked on social media countless times for rumors. 0ksh in the bank account. Physical abuse in relationships. College dropout. Black sheep of the squad. Watch out for people that bounce back from everything that was meant to destroy them. Those are God’s people. They are not to be messed with #25 #myfirsthome #beachhouse #meditation My #2022 has been the first chapter of a book I can’t wait to read!”

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