Diamond Platnumz struggles in English, Twitter reacts


Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has become the butt of jokes following his debut on the latest reality show on Netflix titled Young, Famous and African. Fans of the award winning singer could not help but notice the grammatical errors he kept on making while trying to communicate in English. For example, there is an instance where when talking about his age he says he is “31st years old”, instead of “31 years old”. Netizens could not help themselves by making hilarious memes with a good number of them actually admitting that they are watching the show to analyse the Waah hitmaker’s grasp of the Queen’s language. https://twitter.com/LudoFredrick/status/1504912732881133579?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA https://twitter.com/ngengimagana/status/1504935442013204485?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA https://twitter.com/callmesweetcorn/status/1504923197749313541?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA https://twitter.com/akinwumi_ae/status/1504967751735156737?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA https://twitter.com/SintaSintamei/status/1504885279806701568?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA https://twitter.com/AllAboutAyanda/status/1505061335142383619?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA https://twitter.com/dennothefamous/status/1504899632425492485?s=20&t=MR_J2f1mGrk4y4w3jry7IA The show premiered with an A-list cast of who is who in the creative industry in Africa. They include Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, currently based in South Africa. South African actress, TV host and singer Khanyi Mbau, Nigerian fashion designer Jeremiah Ogbodo, popularly known as Swanky Jerry, South African TV personality Andile Ncube, and Nigerian model, actress and presenter Annie Macaulay-Idibia. Young, Famous and African is the first reality show from Africa being aired on Netfilx.

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